Pare: An Interactive Food Waste App

User Interface | Photography | Typography | Prototyping | Copywriting



of all food waste in Canada is perfectly edible

Source: Toronto Food Policy Council


$750 B

financial losses

1.4 B hectares

of land used for wasted food

1.6 B tonnes

tonnes of edible waste

3.3 B tonnes

of annual GHG emissions

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation


 Causes of Food Loss

  • Food retailers overcompensating for demand of products

  • Perishable foods require higher turnover of product

  • Poor packaging, lack of refrigeration, inadequate market facilities cause food waste

  • Quality Standards

  • Poor display conditions

  • Best before dates

  • Leftovers

  • Lack of planning



  • Green normalization in marketing

  • Intersections between retailers and consumers

  • Education on green behaviour

The final project implemented is a food waste website and interactive story meant to change perspective on the act of throwing away food, as an attempt to normalize proper disposal and recycling of food when it is still edible or requires composting.


  • Secondary research into food waste

  • Documentation of food waste cycle

  • Site mapping website

  • Wireframing website

  • Design prototype in Illustrator

  • Create clickable prototype in Invision



  • Understand how food waste is produced at the consumer level

  • Provide resources and awareness to the issue of food waste

  • Provide an overall awareness of how food waste affects pollution levels on a global scale by targeting food retailers

  • Focus on corporate responsibility


  • Clickable prototype web app

  • Interactive element within the app

  • Case study documenting research



This website is meant to attract food retailers, organizations and restaurants. The simple photography and sans serif type are an ode to more sophisticated, yet modern design styles, and are not overzealous in information to prevent from detracting visitors. Focusing more on the information, and portraying it as a “matter of fact” style is meant to attract those who may be hesitant to brand themselves explicitly as a green company. The focus is placed on the food itself, rather than any emotional component. The desktop design is more professional in appearance to encourage serious thought about the issue, targeting food retailers to educate their employees over directly teaching consumers the proper behaviour.

Clear type and information based in strict research is also intends to inform the food retailer on new information in the food loss program, as well as effecive strategies that are already in place, such as Starbucks’ FoodShare program.

“Pare” as a brand name for the food loss program was chosen to allude to trimming down, reducing, and to the act of using a paring knife to cut produce and other foods. The swirl on the end of the “p” is also created in likeness to that of when an apple is peeled.