Kilburn Memorial Concert

Production Design | Advertising | Photography



This project was part of a class project that was to be presented to the Department of Music at the University of Alberta to advertise the Kilburn Memorial Concert, featuring The Royal Choir of Holloway. The client wanted an image that would honour the Choir's impactful sound, as well as to be able to stand out on a wall of posters. 


Photography was used as to display an aspect of realism and classicalism, as well as to provide the viewer with a rich image that would represent an aspect of the concert. The image is a photo of the curtains in the rehearsal room of the Winspear, which is where the concert was being held. The curtains held an aspect of history as well as richness in colour that made it suitable for the occasion


  • Poster

  • Facebook Banner Image

  • Website Banner Image

  • Instagram Photo


  • Met with the Client to discuss needs

  • Decided upon photography to give richness to the ad

  • Designed a type layout

  • Photoshoot at the Winspear to get accurate and relatable images

  • Presented to Client