Hunter S. Thompson Collection

Typography | Illustration | Book Design | Book Construction


About the Project

The desired function of this book set is to be a collector’s item for Hunter S. Thompson fans, who enjoy his fictional works and gonzo journalism style. The desired visual qualities are to evoke a sense of exaggeration and drama. 


As a lover of book binding, I decided to do a book series from one of my favourite authors, Hunter S. Thompson. Despite having somewhat of a controversial lifestyle, Thompson was a revolutionary in the journalism world, as he was able to interlope himself into worlds he would not normally belong in, and create vivid stories of their lifestyle. Because of his more eccentric personality, the style of sketches for this series remained rough and chaotic to evoke his writing style in visual form. Details of the inside book spreads relate back to the cover using the same illustration style for the chapter dividers, as well as using the designated colour palette for chapter numbers and page numbers.


  • 3 book covers of a fictional book series

  • 1 chapter of a book, designed as spreads


  • Sketched out images for book cover

  • Created book cover design with typographic elements

  • Design of internal pages

  • Hand bound 3 hardcover books