Esperto Labs

Logo Design | Branding | User Interface

About the Project

Esperto Labs is a student start up, developing an open source, wearable program to be utilized by developers and researchers in biometric data. Utilizing Adobe XD, Gitlab, and Invision, these designs were created as part of their interface for the static site and mobile app. In addition to the UI, a logo and brand were created to help in the recognition of the brand during showcase events.


Esperto, meaning “expert” in Portuguese, was developed out of a desire to create an open sourced platform. The logo is a combination of the “E” and “L” of Esperto Labs, while alluding to a fingerprint to indicate the potential use of the device. Since it was created by students and aimed towards other students, researchers and professionals, a fresh and bright colour palette was used to combine those two worlds. The UI design was kept relatively simple in order to keep the information simple and accessible, with added graphics on the landing page to attract potential sponsors. Custom icons were also created to keep consistency with the app and brand identity.