Citadel Signage Redesign

Booklet layout by Danielle McBeth, booklet cover and renders by Rachelle Lenihan


Edmonton’s theatre community is growing and attracting a wider range of audiences, and in this group project, we wanted to help facilitate that. We especially wanted to focus on making the space more appealing for a younger audience, at the same time as making signage more accessible for older audience members as well. With this project, we hoped to make The Citadel space easier to navigate for both new and seasoned visitors, and give them confidence and excitement when they’re going to see a show.

Collaborators: Christy Campos, Tess Heinricks, and Danielle McBeth

Existing Problems

Existing signage system

The signage at the Citadel Theatre is not suited to its environment since its construction. The foliage placed in the theatre blocks many of the standing signs, and the gold doesn’t stand out in the dark environment when shows are going on in the evening.


  • 10 Sign variations

  • 3D Renders

  • Designed Booklet


  • Brainstorming culture and history of the Citadel with group members

  • Scouting/walkthrough of space to determine sign placements

  • Design of signs based on brainstorming

  • 3D rendering to show potential placement and appearance

  • Compilation of designs into booklet


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